One Good Reason To Frequently Clean Your Trash Can

Why should you clean your trash can? Not everyone thinks its necessary to clean their trash cans, and we can understand why, its a trash can! You fill it up with garbage everyday so of course it’s going to be filthy. But I want you to take a step back to look at the bigger picture here...

The Bigger Picture

You see the garbage truck coming down the street, the garbage collectors are jumping on and off the back of the truck emptying hundreds of trash cans a day. Okay what’s the big deal, right? Well, if you watch them they are grabbing these hundreds of filthy cans with the same pair of gloves. They grab the trash can, put it into a sludge covered lift, and dump the garbage. Now when a bag, box, or some other debris gets stuck, they reach down inside and grab whatever it is keeping the trash can from emptying. So with that pair of gloves that they just stuck inside of that filthy trash can, they then close the lid, grab the handle of your trash can, and roll it back to the curb. The very same handle that you have to grab to bring the trash can back up the driveway to your house. So think about what’s on that lid and handle now. E. coli, Staph, and a number of other forms of bacteria that are now on your hands and spreading to everything else that you touch.

This is why what we do is so important. Cleaning the inside of the trash cans kills the bacteria at its source, so when the garbage collector reaches inside to pull out the debris that’s stuck, they won’t be spreading bacteria to your lid and handle once they’re done dumping the trash can. But, not only are we cleaning and sanitizing the inside of the trash cans where these bacteria grow and thrive, we are also cleaning and sanitizing the outside so that when you grab that handle or lid, your risk of coming into contact with these potentially deadly bacteria is drastically reduced. Does this mean your neighbor cares enough to clean their trash can too? Sadly no. But you are reducing your risk tenfold by receiving frequent cleanings. The more frequent the cleanings, the safer you and your family will be. So please, let’s help keep our families safe and Louisiana clean!

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